Hello Beauties!!~

After swatching the Red Series recently,
Today I’ll bring to you the Green Series of BBIA Lipsticks

I’ve been urged to swatch these for the last few weeks,

And the wait is now over!
Let’s check out these five green lipsticks!!

I personally prefer the red packaging. But these 5 shades are much more attractive and uncommon.

Needless to say anything about this BBIA Lipsticks
as I’ve reviewed it already.

Click on this link or the one
in the caption box below to watch it again!

Besides the difference in the packaging, the Greens’ texture is a lil’ bit creamier compared to the Reds’.

So those with chapped lips, no need to worry!!

If outstanding colors
like red, pink, orange are your safe choices,

Then now is definitely a right time to change
for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Many gals are afraid of getting out of their comfort zone

As there might be a risk of wasting a whole lipstick
if the shade does not go well with the face.

Well, honestly, they are right to worry!

Until now I still leave it all to luck
when picking a lipstick shade.

And I’ve got very frustrated
when it totally goes wrong T.T

But the feeling when I’ve got the right one
is like winning the lottery!

I might mainly be using No.6 and 9 most
among these 5 shades.

The nude orange shade No.6 can easily flatter a multitude of skin tones. Even for medium, darker skin.

But a little eye makeup will pull the shade off amazingly!

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No.7 and 8 are for those with cool undertone.

The pinky red No.10 is soooo gorgeous
that goes with any skin tones.

This kind of red shade will brighten the teeth, like a hundred times brighter!

OK, let’s check out all these 5 shades
on my arem again for a closer look!!~

Thanks for watching this video!
See you soon! ^^~

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